The Safety Harbor Art and Music Center is a non-profit dedicated to promoting knowledge and education in the fine arts, the visual arts, and the performing arts.  It’s the brainchild of  the community-minded local artists Kiaralinda, Todd Ramquist, and Heather Richardson.  These passionate people have put the little bayside town of Safety Harbor, FL on the map as a place to nurture creative energy of all kinds.

It all started in 1985 when Kiaralinda and Todd purchased their first Safety Harbor house.  They saw a magazine picture of a lonely bowling ball in a cactus garden that prompted them to collect and paint bowling balls with their vibrant art.  After more than 700 bowling balls and a globe-trotting journey around the world, the bowling balls found a final resting point in the garden in of that first house, now known as “the bowling ball house” or Whimzeyland.

Nurtured by the Garden Fairies

two of the most creative creatures in captivity!  Working in a studio-home that is an art installation itself

, lovingly known as SHAMc